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About Us

Nature Trails was established in 1992 as a year round, soft wilderness eco-adventure program. Guided by professional naturalists, small groups of novice and experienced outdoor enthusiasts were introduced to the beauty and wildlife of Muskoka, Algonquin Provincial Park and the Georgian Bay region. Each unique interpretive program was created to foster an environment of learning through adventures in nature.

Now entering its 12th year, Nature Trails has evolved from a local resort based interpretive program to a national leader in innovative interpretive and research programming. In 2003, Nature Trails partnered with Algonquin Provincial Park (Ministry of Natural Resources) and the Harkness Laboratory of Fisheries Research, to develop an inventive research and education program. Nature Trails has developed introductory programs designed to allow participants an opportunity to experience, learn about, and contribute to a variety of scientific endeavors.

Nature Trails has been extensively involved in environmental regeneration, habitat protection, and other preservation projects. Nature Trails is committed to its existing programs and strong environmental ethic. It continues to play a pioneering role in developing future projects. We invite you to take the opportunity to join us and discover the natural world as we move to the next level.